Name of the game
The Talos Principle

Year of Creation

Description of the game
The main character, an android robot, wakes up as a voice claiming to be called Elohim, informs it to explore a world he created and collect hidden signs within various puzzles as part of a path to enlightenment. However, the protagonist little by little discovers that other androids like him have unveiled not only what happened to a long-lost human civilization, but that Elohim is controlling the fate of others like him.

Throughout the story and along with an environment that mixes ancient mediterranean civilizations ruins (greeks, egyptians…) the player is made to think about deep philosophical questions through unlocked messages and allegories, in a fun, story-based way.

The objective is to solve 3D puzzles in the order the player decides to, solving mysteries. However, his decisions condition the story itself.

Playstation 4

Type of the game
Narrative / Puzzle


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