LOGO CIES ONLUS-2CIES Onlus Center for Development Education and Information is a non-governmental organization (NGO) whose social goal is to promote values of solidarity and cooperation in both its national and international projects.

In Italy: Immigration, cultural mediation, global citizenship education, training, communication and awareness raising on itnercultural dialogue. The realms in which CIES works to spread knowledge about immigrants’ countries of origin and foster their integration includes workshops in schools ,organizing exhibitions, discussions, and shows as well as implementing training classes for adult foreigners and educational-entertainment activities for young immigrants. It is active on several fronts to raise awareness in public opinion about a culture of co-existence and global citizenship.

Outside of Italy: We are now involved in projects for the self development of people and entities based in the Global South with projects for promoting children’s rights, education, literacy, professional training, microcredit, communication and healthcare. Countries of action include: Angola, Mozambique, Albania, Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay.

CIES is recognized as an Educational Entity by the Ministry of Public Education and accredited for Continuing Education by the Region of Lazio.

Info: cies@cies.it | + 00 39 0677264611 | Via Merulana 198, 00185 – Roma Italia | cies.it

Laterna MaginaLaterna Magica was established to create demanding and unique cultural and educational projects in Hungary and abroad as well. We give a helping hand to cultural and educational institutions to achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently. We give a full service that includes the writing of the application, the organization, the implementation, the PR and the dissemination of the results. We have a wide range of contacts in the Hungarian educational and professional organizations. Our experts have more than 15 years of experience in the field of education (curriculum development, pedagogical consultancy, public-education administration, etc). We gladly join any initiation that is eager to spread the common heritage in a fresh and creative way.

Info: info@laterna.hu | P.A.: Szondi utca 40. Budapest, H-1067 Hungary | www.laterna.hu

Mundaneum_logo monochro noirArchives centre and museum space located in Mons (Belgium), the Mundaneum uses temporary exhibitions, events and educational activities to explore the unique project of its founders, Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine: universal knowledge for world peace! This unique place has become a window on the digital revolution and a crossroad for knowledge, from yesterday to tomorrow.

Info:  +32 (0)65 39.54.95  | Rue des Passages 15  B-7000 Mons  |  www.mundaneum.org

CEPS rojoCEPS PROJECTES SOCIALS mission is to facilitate the access to the social and cultural capital of the citizens by the empowerment of people, the fostering of social cohesion and social inclusion and the fight against discrimination. In order to achieve this, CEPS PROJECTES SOCIALS defines its frame of intervention (training, education, community, international projects) in a model based in a clear balance between efficiency and innovation. An strategic and social view of the use of technologies is put into practice, new ways of participation are tested and strategic (local and international) partnerships are developed. Evaluation and creativity blend together into inspiring solutions for the community.

Info: info@e-itd.com | Bòria 17, pral 08003 Barcelona | www.asceps.org

BFI_Logo2BFI OÖ is a vocational education institute which is oriented along the labour market requirements of the 21st century. BFI OÖ is distinguished by its position as market leader in all forms of returning to work, second chance education as well as healthcare and social services qualifications, More than 5.600 courses for private customers at 30 locations in Upper Austria, training courses for jobless people, in company trainings and countless innovative national and international projects are conducted every year.

Info: Marlies Auer | marlies.auer@bfi-ooe.at | Muldenstr. 5, 4040 Linz, Austria | Phone: +43.732.6922-0 | www.bfi-ooe.at