COGAME project aims to approach young people to video games creation and history learning giving them a set of skills to get near the working world of video games, working for projects and from a collaborative philosophy.

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Creative Commons licensed to apply COgame methods in EN, ES, FR, DE, HU, IT and CA

1. Research

A research analyzing video games, the narrativity, the gamification, the implementation of the historical and sociocultural elements.

2. Heritage

History is not a collection of facts about the past whose primary value is to improve skills while playing a game; it is an interpretation of the past based on the weight of the evidence.

3. Production Guide

Videogame is software, art, audio and gameplay. We will assess the previous knowledge of each partner, will make the software choice amongst the different market possibilities (open code, free use.

4. Design Guide

Process of designing a videogame is made of these three main elements: Story, video game design and gamification.

5. CoGame Generator Curriculum

EQF Level comparative analysis between European EQF and the National Qualification Frameworks. Guide for the development of the 5 training Modules organized in Units of Learning Outcomes.

6. Dissemination

One of the most important findings during the project was the knowledge of the existence of the press releases as the main tool for communicating videogame developers and industry.

The Research: 26 Case Studies

In the research made, it was found how videogame creation provides problem solving and good communication skills, creative thinking, team working and digital abilities. Videogame creation is thus a real possibility to experiment in VET environment new incentives to boost digitally integrated learning modelsand final digital results – videogames- creating genuine interaction between teachers and learners.